Elementary School Checklist

Elementary school is not too early to think about what you want to be when you grow up.

Here are some things kids and parents can do to make learning fun and to think ahead toward college.


To Do:

  • Do your best in school.
  • Read a lot.
  • Have fun learning!

To Explore:

Learn about jobs and find fun games you can play online.

Check out the Kids' Zone if you like such games as puzzles and math teasers.


To Do:

Help your kindergartner develop an interest in reading by reading aloud to him or her.

Check your child's homework and follow his or her progress in school by looking at report cards and attending teacher conferences.

Start saving for your child's college education. Learn about the tax advantages of state college savings plans and prepaid tuition plans.

To Explore:

Read "Saving Early = Saving Smart!" This handout explains why it's never too early to save money for college and how to use such resources as college savings plans and federal student aid.

Check out Helping Your Child Become a Reader to learn how to create a foundation for learning for children up to age 6. The publication includes activities that make learning experiences out of daily routines and provides a list of resources for parents.