This website contains Information on Preparing for College
and How to Obtain Student Funds to Pay for College.

Preparing For College

Start by defining your goals and interests, understanding college costs, and planning financially and academically.

Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are free money to help pay for college or career school. Find out what grants and scholarships you might be able to get.

Your Career Options

Understanding your career goals and options (and their earning potential) will help you find a college or career school that meets your need.

College Costs

College and career school costs can vary significantly from school to school. Learn about college costs and get tips on how how to lower costs for school.

  • College Tests If you're applying to college or graduate school, you may need to take certain tests.

  • Choosing a School Learn about steps you can take to research possible colleges or career schools.

  • Types of Aid Grants, work-study and low-interest loans help make college affordable.

  • Career Search Search careers with keywords. Browse careers by industry. Career suggestions.

  • Finding Help There are many resources available as you consider going to college.

  • Types of Schools There are so many different types of schools that the options can seem overwhelming.

  • Tax Benefits Did you know that the Internal Revenue Servce (IRS) provides tax benefits for education.

  • Aid for Military Families You may be able to get money for college or career school for military service.

  • Applying to Schools Applying to college, career, or graduate school means more than just filling out forms.

  • Colleges Access comprehensive data on thousands of institutions and Find the right College for you.